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In just few steps you will be able to use this multi featured website for blogging, sharing ideas, upload photos and videos and, buy and sell crypto, watch sports highlights and get the latest information from around the globe.

Registration is easy, click on the Register button from the menu and you are automatically logged in. Update your account and click on your profile from the menu on the left you can then start blogging and share media as you deem fit.

Users can create groups under the group page and can decide to make it public or private and share their ideas. Profiles can also be hidden as well. Our aim is to make your online experience as seamless as possible and learn as much as you can.

Every user on the platform has personalized wallets in Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRX, BNB and Dogecoin. you can start your crypto currency journey with us. Wallets are only visible to logged in users.

We are currently registering and verifying crypto sellers for a seamless peer to peer transactions on It is our aim to solve cross border payments issues in Africa arising from limitations on dorm accounts by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

This page will be updated with new happenings on the site

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